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Juliette Binoche
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Juliette Binoche

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Download Persian Dubbed Movie The Truth Year 2019 - حقیقت
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The Truth ( 2019 )

Quality : BluRay 1080p with subtitle

6.4 of 10Avg rate by 3,372 users on

Metacritic: 75/100
Users score: 5.5 of 10
Online stream with subtitle

A stormy reunion between scriptwriter Lumir with her famous mother and actress, Fabienne, against the backdrop of Fabienne's autobiographic book and her latest role in a Sci-Fi picture as a mother who never grows old.

Director:    Hirokazu Koreeda

Country:   Japan, France

Starring:    Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche, Ethan Hawke

Download Movie Certified Copy Year 2010 - کپی برابر اصل
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Certified Copy ( 2010 )

Quality : BluRay 1080p with subtitle

7.3 of 10Avg rate by 19,733 users on

Metacritic: 82/100
Users score: 0 of 10
Online stream with subtitle

In Tuscany to promote his latest book, a middle-aged British writer meets a French woman who leads him to the village of Lucignano. While there, a chance question reveals something deeper.

Download Movie Who You Think I Am Year 2019 - فکر مي کني من کي هستم
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Who You Think I Am ( 2019 )

Quality : WEB-DL 1080p with subtitle

6.9 of 10Avg rate by 2,212 users on

Metacritic: -/100
Users score: 10 of 10
Online stream with subtitle

Claire, a 50-year-old divorced teacher, creates a fake Facebook profile of a 24-year-old woman. She finds a photo of a pretty young blonde and uses it. She has created an entirely fictional character, but why?

Director:    Safy Nebbou

Country:   France, Belgium

Starring:    Juliette Binoche, Nicole Garcia, François Civil